Month: January 2017



Are you operating Yaesu C4FM Fusion? The Webmaster (G0DNI) is now operating a Digital Voice (DV) Fusion 70cm Gateway MB6ISH (Shotatton) located approximately half-way between Shrewsbury and Oswestry on the England/Wales border. The Gateway will have limited range and will only be directly accessible from the immediate area, however, if you are in coverage of a Fusion repeater linked to the Wires-X network, then you will be able to access the node/gateway via the network.

Each Wires-X node also has a ‘chat’ room which acts just like a network node. Stations connected to the chat room can communicate with others in that room by digital voice. A RAFARS room has been setup and is named:


DTMF ID: 41107

Use your Yaesu C4FM handheld or mobile radio to search for the room, or enter the DTFM ID directly to locate it. If you have a DV Node or Gateway of your own, check the Wires-X software dashboard Room-Info window to find the RAFARS-ROOM

The node/gateway will be ‘Attended Use Only’ and therefore will only be on the air when the keeper is present.


RAFARS QRV JOURNAL requires content from you, the Members!

Do not forget RAFARS QRV JOURNAL requires content from you, the Members.

Without your submissions QRV will not have enough content to keep it interesting. Why not pen an article? The membership would no doubt enjoy reading about your experiences in AmateurRadio; illustrated by your photos that would that would be an excellent bonus. Please continue to send your stories, articles, events, pictures, personal profiles, your shack, letters. Digital jpg photos should be sent as attachment to Word documents. Please do not import them into the text.

You submission doesn’t have to be the length of ‘War and Peace’ so don’t be put off by thinking that you have to write pages and pages.  And don’t worry if you have lost your copy of the Oxford English Dictionary (or even JSP101) as it’s the Editors job to proof read and – well – edit the submissions.

Send to David G8TEB RAFARS 4405 QTHr in Call Book, email and see also

If the News Desk receives any correspondence/pictures/stories which are not relevant to the News Letter they will be forwarded to David for consideration for the QRV Journal.