Are you operating Yaesu C4FM Fusion? The Webmaster (G0DNI) is now operating a Digital Voice (DV) Fusion 70cm Gateway MB6ISH (Shotatton) located approximately half-way between Shrewsbury and Oswestry on the England/Wales border. The Gateway will have limited range and will only be directly accessible from the immediate area, however, if you are in coverage of a Fusion repeater linked to the Wires-X network, then you will be able to access the node/gateway via the network.

Each Wires-X node also has a ‘chat’ room which acts just like a network node. Stations connected to the chat room can communicate with others in that room by digital voice. A RAFARS room has been setup and is named:


DTMF ID: 41107

Use your Yaesu C4FM handheld or mobile radio to search for the room, or enter the DTFM ID directly to locate it. If you have a DV Node or Gateway of your own, check the Wires-X software dashboard Room-Info window to find the RAFARS-ROOM

The node/gateway will be ‘Attended Use Only’ and therefore will only be on the air when the keeper is present.


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