RAFARS Contact Email Addresses Revised

The RAFARS email addresses have been revised to make it easier to get in touch with the correct council member.  A full description of the responsibilities of each post are listed on the ‘Contact RAFARS‘ page on the main website.

Awards@rafars.org – RAFARS Awards

Chairman@rafars.org – RAFARS Chairman

Clubs@rafars.org – Affiliated Clubs

Contests@rafars.org – RAFARS Contest Manager

CosfordLiaison@rafars.org – RAFARS RAF Cosford Liaison Officer

Database@rafars.org – RAFARS Database Manager

FieldReps@rafars.org – Field Representatives Manager

Membership@rafars.org – RAFARS Membership Manager

Newsdesk@rafars.org – RAFARS Newsdesk Manager

QRV@rafars.org – RAFARS QRV Journal Editor

QRZ@rafars.org – RAFARS QRZ Callbook Editor

QSLbureau@rafars.org – QSL Bureau Manager

Sales@rafars.org – RAFARS Commodities

Secretary@rafars.org – RAFARS Secretary

ServingMembers@rafars.org – RAFARS Serving Members Rep

Treasurer@rafars.org – RAFARS Treasurer

Webmaster@rafars.org – RAFARS Webmaster



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