Website Structure Changes

Website Structure Changes

The structure of the RAFARS website has been tided up a little.  Users shouldn’t notice any difference, but the directory structure has been revised so if you have bookmarked particular pages on the site, then these bookmarks will no longer work.

It’s always a good idea to access the website via the front (home) page at and then to use the menu to access the appropriate page.  If you do get any ‘404’ errors saying that the page doesn’t exist. Go back to the home page and ‘refresh’ your browser.  This will ensure that the menu points to the correct page in the new site structure.


2 thoughts on “Website Structure Changes

  1. Hello RAFARS. For the attention of The of Gen. Secretary/ Membership Officer. I would be most grateful if you would Please check my RAFARS MEMBERSHIP. My Memberaship Number is 4741. My callsign is G0JSC.

    Please be good enough to contact me at this address at your earliest convenience. I have not received the RAFARS Magazine for some time though believe I should have.

    Sincerely , Yours- John. Many thanks.

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