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Special Event Station GB5RAF from Carew Cheriton Control Tower

The Pembrokeshire Radio Society will be operating GB5RAF from Carew Cheriton Control Tower, which has had a renovation recently. The control tower is hosting Mil-Fest a celebration of military vehicles on the 20th of this Month. We intend to operate HF and VHF, both CW and voice.

This is the first time we have operated a special event station and would welcome any contacts with RAFARS.

If you have any thoughts and advice – please drop me an email QTHR GW0SXS

QRV Journal Editor Post

The History of the RAFARS QRV Journal

In 1935 a group of RAF radio amateurs stationed at the Electrical and Wireless School at RAF Cranwell began regular meetings to discuss their activities and technical problems. It was decided to form a Society with representation at Air Ministry level and in 1936 the Cranwell Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (CARTS) was founded.

In 1937 the CARTS journal ‘QRV’ was inaugurated to keep members at home and overseas in the picture and reduce the load of correspondence to the Secretary.

In the early months of 1938 membership increased rapidly and it was recognised that a Royal Air Force Society was needed and following authorization by the Air Ministry, the Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society (RAFARS) was founded, based at RAF Cranwell.

‘QRV’ continued to be published regularly in locally produced A4 format until the Summer 1985 edition when the change to commercial printing in A5 format was made, with two editions per year being published. The journal is also produced in audio format for members who have difficulty reading the printed edition.

‘QRV’ is recognised as a source of historical material and is archived by the Ministry of Defence Central Library, the RAF Museum, the Imperial War Museum and by the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Can you help?

The post of QRV Editor has now become vacant and the Society are looking for a volunteer to take over this vitally important role with immediate effect. The biannual journal is produced as Spring and Autumn editions and other than the Website and monthly news letters, it remains the primary means of communication with the members.

With a worldwide membership of over 600, QRV is a high profile publication. It is distributed to all members by post; the current edition and a selected archive going back to 2002 is published on the RAFARS Website. The content of QRV is largely driven by submissions from the membership and includes topical, historical and technical articles in addition to the routine business of the Society.

The QRV Editor Post

In its simplest form, the role of the QRV editor consists of being a point of contact for all submissions for the journal, editing these submissions as appropriate and forwarding them to the commercial publishers for printing and distribution.

In order to be able to conduct this role, the minimum qualifications are the ability to be able to receive and edit both traditional and electronic manuscripts and photographs and to present these to the publishers in a form that allows the journal to be produced.

Notwithstanding the above, the editor may if they wish, produce a finished publication which would then be submitted for printing and distribution. The editor will work closely with the Council who will provide advice and guidance as appropriate.

If you are interested in taking up the role of QRV editor, or wish to discuss the post in more detail, contact the RAFARS General Secretary Vince G4DQP

Website Structure Changes

Website Structure Changes

The structure of the RAFARS website has been tided up a little.  Users shouldn’t notice any difference, but the directory structure has been revised so if you have bookmarked particular pages on the site, then these bookmarks will no longer work.

It’s always a good idea to access the website via the front (home) page at and then to use the menu to access the appropriate page.  If you do get any ‘404’ errors saying that the page doesn’t exist. Go back to the home page and ‘refresh’ your browser.  This will ensure that the menu points to the correct page in the new site structure.

RAFARS Members’ Chat

The ‘Members’ Chat’ now has its own page on the RAFARS Website.

This is a fairly simple system that allows members to post and read messages and to ‘private message’ anybody who has posted a message.   No additional registration or login is required, as long as you already have a password for the Member Area and are logged in, just go to the ‘Members’ Chat’ under the Member Area menu and post your message.

Although the Webmaster doesn’t monitor this page on a 24hr basis, you can post questions here and they will be answered as soon as they are seen.

This isn’t meant to be a full ‘bulletin board’ system as previous experiments have shown that members do not require this in addition to the existing social media contact methods.

Please take a look and do post a ‘Hello’ message to prove that there really are members out there looking at the website!

RAFARS Members’ Chat

RAFARS Webmaster

RAFARS Member Messaging on Website

Yet another messaging system.

This time not requiring any additional registration or separate logging in! As long as you are a member of RAFARS and you are logged in to the Member Area, then you can post messages on the page. Depending on the uptake, this may be moved to its own page in due course. All the previous attempts at providing messaging functionality have failed miserably, but I’m not one to give up easily.

Type your message in the box and click on the ‘Send’ button. You won’t be able to edit your message, but you will be able to delete it if you wish.

A ‘private’ message can be sent to the poster by clicking on their callsign

The new messaging system is currently hosted on the ‘Member List’ page of the RAFARS Website at the link below – note that you have to have registered for access to the RAFARS Website Member Area to access this page.

RAFARS Website Members List

RAFARS Webmaster

Is your email address correct in QRZ?

Is your email address correct in QRZ?

A Webmaster newsletter to members resulted in 82 of the emails being ‘bounced’ because the address no longer existed.  Please check your email in the last edition of QRZ and let the RAFARS Database Manager know if it needs updating.  The new edition of QRZ will be published to members soon, so now is a good time to check.

If you are a RAFARS member and you did not receive the email newsletter sent out on Wednesday 18th January 2017 then that might indicate that the society does not have the correct email address for you.

RAFARS Contact Email Addresses Revised

The RAFARS email addresses have been revised to make it easier to get in touch with the correct council member.  A full description of the responsibilities of each post are listed on the ‘Contact RAFARS‘ page on the main website. – RAFARS Awards – RAFARS Chairman – Affiliated Clubs – RAFARS Contest Manager – RAFARS RAF Cosford Liaison Officer – RAFARS Database Manager – Field Representatives Manager – RAFARS Membership Manager – RAFARS Newsdesk Manager – RAFARS QRV Journal Editor – RAFARS QRZ Callbook Editor – QSL Bureau Manager – RAFARS Commodities – RAFARS Secretary – RAFARS Serving Members Rep – RAFARS Treasurer – RAFARS Webmaster




Are you operating Yaesu C4FM Fusion? The Webmaster (G0DNI) is now operating a Digital Voice (DV) Fusion 70cm Gateway MB6ISH (Shotatton) located approximately half-way between Shrewsbury and Oswestry on the England/Wales border. The Gateway will have limited range and will only be directly accessible from the immediate area, however, if you are in coverage of a Fusion repeater linked to the Wires-X network, then you will be able to access the node/gateway via the network.

Each Wires-X node also has a ‘chat’ room which acts just like a network node. Stations connected to the chat room can communicate with others in that room by digital voice. A RAFARS room has been setup and is named:


DTMF ID: 41107

Use your Yaesu C4FM handheld or mobile radio to search for the room, or enter the DTFM ID directly to locate it. If you have a DV Node or Gateway of your own, check the Wires-X software dashboard Room-Info window to find the RAFARS-ROOM

The node/gateway will be ‘Attended Use Only’ and therefore will only be on the air when the keeper is present.

RAFARS QRV JOURNAL requires content from you, the Members!

Do not forget RAFARS QRV JOURNAL requires content from you, the Members.

Without your submissions QRV will not have enough content to keep it interesting. Why not pen an article? The membership would no doubt enjoy reading about your experiences in AmateurRadio; illustrated by your photos that would that would be an excellent bonus. Please continue to send your stories, articles, events, pictures, personal profiles, your shack, letters. Digital jpg photos should be sent as attachment to Word documents. Please do not import them into the text.

You submission doesn’t have to be the length of ‘War and Peace’ so don’t be put off by thinking that you have to write pages and pages.  And don’t worry if you have lost your copy of the Oxford English Dictionary (or even JSP101) as it’s the Editors job to proof read and – well – edit the submissions.

Send to David G8TEB RAFARS 4405 QTHr in Call Book, email and see also

If the News Desk receives any correspondence/pictures/stories which are not relevant to the News Letter they will be forwarded to David for consideration for the QRV Journal.